Stormking Spa & Resort: A Viral Sensation

Where Stormking Spa & Resort Started

Stormking Spa & Resort is a luxury glamping resort near Mt. Rainier. 

In January 2024, they were faced with vacancy rates that were so low, that it was impacting the business’ ability to stay open throughout the year.

Youcan request a kit solving low vacancy rates here.

How Stormking Went From Low Vacancy to 500% Growth In Bookings

Stormking was able to overcome low vacancy rates during winter by focusing on the strengths of their location, during the winter time. 

The marketing strategy:

  • Used video marketing to show that the resort is perfect for winter vacations, since most people assumed winter wasn’t an ideal time to visit.
  • Used video marketing to highlight that the city of Ashford keeps roads clear, even during winter time.

Next, we will look at how Stormking Spa took the methods above, to create viral content. For tips on how to create viral content, request a guide here.

Stormking Spa & Resort Goes Viral on Instagram

In January of 2024, Stormking Spa asked for getting help with solving low occupancy during winter time.
In less than 1 month, Stormking Spa turned into a viral sensation on Instagram because of the way in which their social media strategy was executed.
Stormking Spa’s expectation was to generate an incremental $8500. The goal was exceeded by more than 500%, generating them more than $55,000 in incremental revenue.

Below is a testimonial, from the resort's manager.

47 Consulting came in and recorded the content. We had results in less than a week... Social media is important for us in our business because we believe it creates repeat customers. We definitely would not be where we are without 47 Consulting. Thank you
Eduard Raider
Resort Manager

The graph below shows actual versus expected sales through social media.

Stormking Spa Expected $8500 in revenue through 47 Consulting. 47 Consulting exceeded expectations and earned then more than $50,000 in revenue.

How Stormking Spa & Resort Earned More Sales

Stormking Spa & Resort achieved this feat by doing the following:
  1. Finding the resort’s ideal customers, and learning about the type of content they like. You can request a guide for identifying your ideal customer here.
    • This meant talking with thousands of their followers, to understand what they were looking for from a resort.
  2. Producing video content:
    • Stormking Spa & Resort worked invited 47 Consulting’s media team to the resort, to record, produce, and edit, video content for Instagram and TikTok.
  3. Experimenting with different types of content, to see what kind of content works.
    • In the first month, Stormking Spa & Resort experimented with 6 content concepts. 1 of those concepts got a lot of local followers, so we kept making more content like this.
  4. Engaging with thousands of current, past, and potential customers to understand how we could get them to book a reservation.
    • This helped Stormking Spa & Resort create a repeatable step of steps for getting booking inquiries over Instagram.
  5. Implementing a customer outreach program that resulted in customers making reservations.
    •  The program was created by documenting a set of steps and scripts that Stormking Spa can send to customers regularly, to engage with customers on a 1-on-1 basis. Constant engagement is favored by the Instagram and TikTok algorithms.

The strategy above was executed consistently, on a daily basis.

Due to the strategy and execution of an improved social media strategy, Stormking Spa has experienced the following growth:
  • An extra $50,000+ in incremental sales, and is still growing at a daily rate of $1500/day in additional sales.
  • Growth in followers. Stormking Spa started at 5,000 followers, and we have gotten them to 16,600 followers in less than a month. The follower count continues to grow.
  • The production of a viral video for Stormking Spa, which has gotten more than 1 million views. A vast majority of these views are from viewers in Washington state. Based on some assume statistics, we estimate that 1 in 5 of Washingtonians on Instagram , have seen content about the resort.
Due to the unexpected growth 47 Consulting provided, we are now helping the resort handle all the excess customer demand, by planning how they can expand their resort.
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