Event Center in Kent Generates $24,000 in Leads, in First 30 Days

An event center in Kent, Washington was looking to create a social media presence, so that they could get revenue. 47 Consulting helped the event center grow its revenue through social media management and video production.

Through social media management, the venue was able to get their first lead worth $6,000, on day 2 of being on Instagram.

Below is a graph showing the dollars ($) value we brought in through social media management.

In the first 7 weeks, the event center gained an incremental $48,000 worth of catering opportunities. These opportunities came through the social media management 

Below are a list of the problems the event venue had, and what we did to solve them.

Not Getting Enough Bookings

An event center in Kent,WA was faced with the challenge of increasing their occupancy rate, which was stuck at 30%. The low occupancy rate was due to the venue’s reliance on wedding events, which happened mostly in the summer months.

To break into a non-wedding market, we got the venue in front of customers who were looking to book venues during the offseason. This included getting in front of audiences looking to celebrate their child’s first birthday, corporate events, cultural events. 

We did this by looking for decorators, planners, and corporations that had any sort of involvement with non-wedding events, and then we built relationships with them over social media. Doing this allowed the event center to get in front of a broader audience on social media, and within a week, the event center began getting sales leads. 

Too Dependent on Word-of-Mouth Marketing

The event center heavily depended on word-of-mouth for business. While this helped them achieve a 30% occupancy rate, it wasn’t enough to allow them to reach their full potential.

To solve this problem, we engaged with a completely brand new customer-base, who were looking to book the event center during non-peak months.

Zero Social Media Presence

Since the event center wasn’t on Instagram and Tiktok, there was no way for people to contact them through social channels. Most people who are planning to have an event, browse options on social media, so the event center was missing out on a huge opportunity.

Establishing a social media presence allowed the event center to get their first lead within 2 days.

How do I use social media to get leads for my event venue?

  • Create social media accounts.
  • Post video content, at least 1 time a week. 
  • Collaborate with vendors who complement your venue, so that your content can show up in front of their followers.
  • Engage all of your followers. This will inevitably result in getting more event bookings.


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