Customers Find Restaurants Through Instagram and TikTok

If you are a restaurant who hasn’t posted on social media in the last month, you need to start posting now.

In speaking with thousands of customers, we’ve learned that customers don’t trust a restaurant that doesn’t have an active social media presence. 

Below are some specific recommendations on how you can build trust with customers, through social media.

Customers Trust Restaurants with a Social Presence, More

In conversations with customers, a recurring theme emerges: the significance of a robust social media presence. Astonishingly, potential customers express hesitancy towards businesses not actively engaged in social media. 

The conversation above was with a customer. They needed catering recommendations, so we provided them. The customer decided to not work with a business because the restaurant wasn’t established on social media, and that made the customer afraid to give them a try.

As a restaurant, you can solve this, by posting regularly – even if it is 1 time a week.

Social Media is As Important as a Good Location

Though location is an important success factor for restaurants,  having a prime physical location doesn’t guarantee foot traffic or business success. We’ve encountered scenarios where individuals routinely passed by a business but never ventured inside until their curiosity was piqued on social media. 

Below is an example of a direct message on Instagram, between a potential customer and a restaurant (the restaurant is our partner). The restaurant is on a main road that gets a lot of road traffic. Before launching onto social media, the restaurant wasn’t getting customers who were driving past by. 

Now, the restaurant regularly gets new followers from customers who have driven past the restaurant, but never entered. Out of curiosity, they followed the restaurant on Instagram, to get a preview of the restaurant before physically stepping in. That is what the picture below shows.

Customer Saying That They Followed Us On Instagram, After Driving Past A Restaurant

The visual storytelling on platforms like Instagram prompted them to explore what they’d been missing. Social media becomes the bridge between a business’s physical presence and the curiosity of potential customers, turning passerby into patrons.

People Are Searching on Social Media, Not Google

Even with a high ranking on Google, businesses face a new challenge – consumer trust. Customers are wary, seeking more than just search results. 

Below is an example of a very typical conversation our restaurant partners have with potential customers. The conversation below shows that the customer specifically searched for Mediterranean food, and then found our restaurant partner on TikTok. 

In other words, customers are using TikTok and Instagram, instead of Google, for their searches.

If your content isn’t spreading on social, then you won’t show up when people search for restaurants like yours. 


They turn to social media for dynamic, real-time insights. Interactive recommendations and a glimpse into the vibrant life of a business become crucial decision-making factors. In a world where online reviews can only reveal so much, social media acts as a dynamic showcase, offering a personalized and engaging narrative that sways potential customers.

SEO and Social Media

While SEO is undeniably crucial, it’s not the sole catalyst for driving customers through your doors. The magic lies in the collaboration between SEO and social media marketing. These platforms complement each other, creating a comprehensive strategy that not only attracts customers but also instills trust and curiosity.

Conclusion: Social Media, the Modern Key to Business Growth

In the ever-evolving business landscape, relying solely on location, word of mouth, referrals, or SEO is no longer enough. Customers navigate the online realm with savvy precision, turning to social media for authentic narratives and engaging content. To thrive, businesses must embrace a dual strategy, combining the power of SEO with an active and compelling social media presence.

In essence, social media is the linchpin that transforms businesses from static entities to dynamic, customer-centric hubs. It’s not just a tool for marketing; it’s the modern key to unlocking business success. So, as you chart your business journey, remember: your customers are online, and so should you be.

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