Byblos Mediterranean Restaurant – A Social Media Sensation

 Byblos Mediterranean Restaurant has emerged as a social media sensation, capturing the hearts and taste buds of food enthusiasts across the Pacific Northwest. Based in Kent , Washington, this success story begins in June 2023 when the restaurant, specializing in Iraqi cuisine, was virtually unknown on social media, catering mainly to the local Iraqi community in South King County.

Where Byblos Market Started

Byblos Market opened up a restaurant inside of their grocery store.

Below are the problems that Byblos had:

  • Zero social media presence
  • No new customers –  specifically, the only people who were buying from their restaurant, were their existing grocery store customers. They wanted to expand their market significantly, by catering to a new audience of restaurant-goers. 

Where 47 Consulting Took Byblos

Byblo’s started with 0 followers in July 2023, and by February 2024, they had amassed more than 3,600 local followers. The graph below shows their follower growth.

Byblo's went from 0 followers to more than 3600 followers within 7 months

How Byblos Went Viral

After executing on a customer-focused social strategy,  results were staggering – within a few months, Byblos went from non-existent on social platforms to amassing a substantial following of thousands of followers. These followers, turned into dollars

We helped Byblos reach their achievement by doing the following:

  • Customer Engagement – We engaged with thousands of their customers both in-person and online.
    • By engaging with thousands of their customers and asking them what kind of content they liked, we learned what they cared about.
  • Customer-focused Content
    • After customers told us what kind of content they wanted to see, we produced the type of video content they wanted to see.
      • Specifically, a professional camera crew went to Byblos to capture, produce, and edit content that was then published on their Instagram and TikTok accounts.
  • Building relationships
    • One-on-one relationships were built with customers through regularly conversing with customers, getting their feedback, and providing fast customer service over social media channels.
  • Leveraged our network –
    • We leveraged our network with the City of Kent, King 5 News, and the Seattle Times, to get Byblos publicity on Instagram, television, and the internet.



Impact on Byblos' Growth in Sales

The impact on Byblos  was not just limited to online recognition. The influx of customers generated by the strategic social media campaign caused the business to increase by approximately 3x. However, success came with new challenges – long lines and wait times, a testament to the restaurant’s newfound popularity.

The bar chart below shows a comparison of average orders/day. In June 2023, the restaurant was averaging an estimated 200 orders/day on peak days. Within 3 months, that figure increased to an average of 600/day.

Customers at Byblos Mediterranean Market
A Crowd of Customers Eating at Byblos

What Are Customers Saying About Byblos?

Below is a collection of message and comments people are saying about Byblos, on social media.

Social media opened up new avenues of business for Byblos. For example, their catering business was launched  on Instagram, allowing Byblos to take on thousands of dollars of opportunities in catering alone. 

The engagement with Byblos’ audience on social media proved to be a goldmine for gathering real customer feedback. It led to the modernization of facilities, including the introduction of a digital menu based on customer feedback. The influx of orders necessitated the development of an efficient order management system, showcasing the adaptability and responsiveness of Byblos to the demands of its expanding customer base.

Today, Byblos has transcended its local roots, drawing patrons from all over the Pacific Northwest. People are willing to travel 3 to 4 hours just to savor the flavors that have made Byblos a destination in its own right.

More importantly, we have turned Byblos into a place where friend and family gather around a meal. 

The conversation below is a pretty typical type of occasion for customers to gather at Byblos.

The success story hasn’t gone unnoticed. Byblos has been featured in reputable publications like the Seattle Times, gained coverage on King 5 News, and forged partnerships with the city of Kent.

In essence, the collaboration between Byblos and 47 Consulting has not only grown the restaurant’s business exponentially but has turned it into a viral sensation. The newfound fame has created a legion of loyal customers, each visiting Byblos an average of 1-2 times per month, all achieved through the power of strategic social media marketing.


How Do You Do What Byblo's Did?

  1. Talk to customers and your followers
    • Ask them questions, to find out what kind of content they care about.
      • Here is a guide on how to converse with customers.
  2. Create good content
    • Your customers will tell you what good content is, if you execute on step 1 correctly. Assuming you execute step 1 correctly, create content that your customers are asking you to make. 
  3. Post consistently
    • Don’t try to make your content look perfect. Everyone starts from somewhere.
      • If you’re starting from 0, start with something as simple as posting 1x a week.
        • Once you consistently post 1x a week, increase your velocity so that you’re posting video content at least 3x a week.=
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