Event Center in Kent Generates $24,000 in Leads, in First 30 Days

An event center in Kent, Washington was looking to create a social media presence, so that they could get revenue. 47 Consulting helped the event center grow its revenue through social media management and video production. Through social media management, the venue was able to get their first lead worth $6,000, on day 2 of […]

Stormking Spa & Resort: A Viral Sensation

Where Stormking Spa & Resort Started Stormking Spa & Resort is a luxury glamping resort near Mt. Rainier.  In January 2024, they were faced with vacancy rates that were so low, that it was impacting the business’ ability to stay open throughout the year. Youcan request a kit solving low vacancy rates here. How Stormking […]

Get Returning Customers, By Getting Their Feedback

If you’re posting to Instagram, and it’s not creating more $$$$ for your business, it is because you don’t understand your customers well enough.  When you do understand your customers well enough, you regularly get Instagram messages like the one below. An Instagram Message from a Happy Customer The Solution The solution to this problem […]

Byblos Mediterranean Restaurant – A Social Media Sensation

Byblos Mediterranean Market

 Byblos Mediterranean Restaurant has emerged as a social media sensation, capturing the hearts and taste buds of food enthusiasts across the Pacific Northwest. Based in Kent , Washington, this success story begins in June 2023 when the restaurant, specializing in Iraqi cuisine, was virtually unknown on social media, catering mainly to the local Iraqi community […]

Customers Find Restaurants Through Instagram and TikTok

If you are a restaurant who hasn’t posted on social media in the last month, you need to start posting now. In speaking with thousands of customers, we’ve learned that customers don’t trust a restaurant that doesn’t have an active social media presence.  Below are some specific recommendations on how you can build trust with […]

Grow Your Restaurant By Talking to Customers

If you’re a restaurant who isn’t regularly interviewing customers, you are leaving money on the table. By not interviewing customers, you’re missing out on pieces of information that can help you sell more food, and unlock new revenue streams. Below are some practical steps on how you can leverage customer interviews. 1. Start New Customer […]